Cuban Vacation: Overview


Well, we returned last night, arriving at home around 1:30 AM.

Overall, it was a very relaxing vacation. Linda and I got in two rounds of golf, Sunday and Monday before I fell and sprained my ankle Monday evening. The remaining days were spent by the pool reading and floating (in the pool). Our plans had been to play three games, but this was cut short by one. We had not planned to take any local tours as we had done that last time. So all-in-all, the fall did not signal the end of the world, but rather had the positive effect of forcing us to stick to our second agenda item: read by the pool.

The weather was pleasant; not too hot ranging in the mid 20’s to low 30’s Celsius. There was some rain, but not enough to be a bother.

The hotel was very nice; we had a nice room comprised of a bedroom and living room/kitchen. The front faced on to the pool area, and the back faced on to a garden area.

The food was quite good, better than we experienced on our last trip, although Melia Las Americas is more highly rated, so that is to be expected. On our last trip we stayed at the Breezes Valadero. I think the biggest difference is the relative feel of the two resorts. The Melia has a more hotel-like feel, while the Breezes felt a little less stuffy. Breezes had a younger crowed, although both are adult-only, which I think would be preferable if you’re younger. For us, we enjoyed the quiet of the Melia. Melia has two main pool areas, one by the hotel and one by the suites, which is where we were. This latter area was noticeably less busy.

The golf course was very enjoyable; it is a fun course to play. However, the greens are very slow and take some getting use to. On the first day I shot 96, with 3 putts on 8 holes. The second day I shot 86 with only one 3 putt.

On Tuesday, after my fall Monday evening, I visited the hotel doctor. She advised me to “repose.” I interpreted that to mean sit by the pool with my feet up and relax with a good book, which I believe I completed quite successfully. She said I should not swim, so I just floated in the water. The cool water was beneficial as it reduced the swelling in my ankle. I was hoping that my ankle might recover enough by Friday to get in our third round of golf, but by Thursday it was clear that was not going to happen and further “reposing” was necessary. I had a follow-up visit on Thursday with the doctor and she suggested it would probably take a couple of weeks to repair.

I took 1,095 pictures and 23 movie clips. Of the 1,095 pictures, I deleted 279 and thus have loaded 816 pictures into my library. Many of these are duplicates of the same picture, different only in the camera’s settings. I have a few themes which I will post over the coming days.

I returned home to 691 e-mails in my personal account, 664 of them flagged as spam. I tried to get into my office e-mail, but alas my password has expired and I can’t get in (so sometimes security does pay off:)


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