The Digital Photography Book, Scott Kelby

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Having recently purchased a digital camera, I wanted to fast-track through the learning curve. Well, completing the learning curve over the weekend may be aggressive, but this is a good book to start with.

It is written in easily consumable language, an informal style, it focuses on only a few fundamentals and describes how to take specific types of pictures.

The book can be read in only a couple of hours but it is structured so it can be used as a reference for later.

The author covers the following topics, including technique and composition:

  • Getting Sharp pictures
  • Flowers
  • Landscape
  • Sports
  • People
  • Weddings
  • Travel and City shots

For example, to take a shot of the moon, the instructions are: in manual mode f/11, shutter 1/250 second; zoom as tight as possible.


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