When the Moors ruled Europe


This two-part documentary summarizes the 700-year occupation of Spain by the Moors starting in 711AD.

The story told is one less of a military occupation, but of the ascension of knowledge. The documentary starts with a description of the mathematics behind the Alhambra, notably the ratios of the roots of 2, 3, 4, and 5. And while the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula where changed, so were those who invaded. The Arab mind was changed by the richness and opportunity of a fertile country.

The documentary suggests that the Renaissance was started in Spain, rather than Italy, and specifically in Toledo.

The documentary touches on some of the many contributions of the Moors to European culture, including many of the words we use today, such as chemistry, algorithm and cypher. And while Isabella and Ferdinand may have tried to remove the Muslim from Spain through the Spanish Inquisition, the culture and its influences remain, even today.

Part 1 (49 mins)

Part 2 (48 mins)


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