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Observations during my visit:

  • The often used term by Microsoft employees, cool (or is it kewl?) to describe their new features, has been out paced by mash-up to describe their new style of application composition.
  • Clouds was another term that had frequent usage. I pondered if there were different kinds of clouds? White fluffy clouds built with .NET infrastructure, and dark storm clouds built with J2EE.
  • The first utterance of Web 3.0 was by Ray Lane at 9:32 on Wednesday, 1 hour and 2 minutes into the Forum.
  • Although generally quite constrained in their product references, one presenter apparently couldn’t contain himself and had to say “this is basically a database problem…” which of course led to a discussion on MS-SQL. What is it about Microsoft and MS-SQL? It’s as if they have no other products!
  • There was lot of discussion around the personalization of interfaces to meet individual needs as well as standardized interfaces. I struggled with the apparent contradiction until I came across a tangible example captured below.

  • A discussion on dashboards and drill-downs led me to imagine the dashboard-driven enterprise where a CEO sits in front of a PC that displays an excel-based dashboard. By simply changing different cells he/she can command and manipulate the company in real-time. Immediate results allow the CEO to refine previous adjustment by changing other cells accordingly. Next step in productivity improvements and enhanced usability: a joy stick.


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