Stremnaya: The Road of Death


A friend sent me the following series of pictures of a highway in Bolivia, called Stremnaya, or may be not…you can read some background text on the road here. Impressive pictures regardless of where they really are.

Update: Dec. 10, 2006:

  • Rick McCharles supports the argument the pictures are from Guoliang China (see here)
  • Other Sites [1, 2, 3] show the same series of rock-faced mountain pictures argued by many to be in China
  • This site has the second series of pictures shown below. No one as of yet has claimed these to be in China (not that I have found). The landscape is quite different offering some support that it is not China, but landscape can change dramatically even in a short distance.

The following pictures are the ones in question; they could be in China rather than Bolivia

These pictures could be from Bolivia:



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