Month November 2008

On Top of Old Smoky

We left McCayesville around 9:30 this morning. Rather than going straight to I75, we took a longer route across Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The same old Smoky made famous by the song “On top of Old Smoky all coveredā€¦


This morning I took my one thousandth shot with my new camera (a Panasonic Lumix DMC G1) since I bought it November 11th. I’m not going to offer a full review but overall I’m very happy with it. My initialā€¦

Thanksgiving dinner table

Eric made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of home-smoked turkey, diced and overlaid with slices of turkey breast marinated in a mixture of juices, soya sauce and other undisclosed ingredients, accompanied by red cabbage, potato dumplings, stuffing, and baked potato. Thereā€¦

Don’t feed the moose

It is easy to conclude that posted signs carry no effect. But this one posted on the porch of my brother’s cottage seems quite effective. In the last couple days I’ve seen no moose here deep in the Smokey Mountainsā€¦

Local Cuisine

We left Bowling Green just after 7:00AM and by noon we were south of Lexington Kentucky. It was time to eat! And that we did.