Virtualization, AAPL, and the Camel & the Blindmen

Virtualization: lots of unknowns, such as licensing. Is it just building mainframe-class computing power up through the combination of less powerful processor, but without the management framework to support it? Are we putting a loaded weapon in the hands of the naive? Computers don’t kill; poor operators do.

Thompson suggests Apple shares are a buy.

Garmin, the producers of GPS systems, are now getting into the cellphone market. This camel now has a forth blind man trying to figure it out: (1) the traditional telephone company; (2) the PDA company; (3) the iPod company and now (4) the GPS perspective.

Virtualization Licensing and Support Lethargy: Curing the Disease That Stalls Virtualization Adoption

Mainframe-class virtualization has existed for decades and includes a user and vendor community that is very comfortable with managing software and licensing on mainframe systems. Similar comfort does not exist with today’s x86 server virtualization solutions and, as a result, there is an abundance of user angst and uncertainty surrounding the licensing and support of applications running on x86 virtualized environments.

Two remaining obstacles in server virtualization’s path toward enterprise adoption are vendor support and vendor licensing.

Thomson Financial Sees AAPL Turnaround Signs || The Mac Observer

They reported that the risk-reward for AAPL now favors buyers.

Electronista | Garmin hits iPhone directly with Nuviphone

Garmin Wednesday night surprised the cellphone industry by taking its own leap into smart phones.

Almost entirely controlled by a 3.5-inch touchscreen interface, the device centers around its native GPS unit: in addition to straightforward navigation, a host of Google apps allow it to search for local businesses, check traffic, and view nearby weather. Any photos or videos taken with the built-in camera are automatically geotagged for positioning in location-based services.


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