Day 04-05 May 17-18 Saturday – Sunday Huangshan Mountains



  • Arrive at train station, take taxi to Huangshan Xihai Hotel(黄山西海饭店)
  • Tour mountains



Our actual itinerary was sightly more elaborate. After arriving in Huangshan we took a bus ride to the Park gates. This was a 70 minute ride covering about 60 KM. “Ride” is the operative term as this journey would rival any ride in any ammusement park. 

We arrived at the bus station where we hailed a cab to the base of the mountain and a cable car up to the top. From there we hiked for about 1 hour to the hotel. A spectacular mini-range of mountains. Well, mini in geological terms, not so mini when you walk it. 

I’ve taken many pictures, and if I can find a way I’ll try to post some. We are currently in the city of Huangshan at a hotel that has a PC in the room but unfortunately everything is in Chinese so it’s hard to understand what’s up.


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