Day 06 May 19 Monday Huangshan Golf Hotel(黄山高尔夫酒店)



  • Take taxi to hotel
  • Play game of golf



Our planned golf day was cancelled. The Golf Hotel apparently sent us an e-mail two days ago advising us that they had cancelled our reservation. The explaination was that there was a convention in town. I’m not convinced that is the true explanation but it’s not really worth fretting about it.

Fortunately the hotel booking agent (SinoHotels) realized that we may not have received the message and tracked us down at the XiHai Hotel and informed us (SinoHotels had booked us at XiHai so they new where we were). They were able to book us into the Huashan Hotel (which is where we are now as I update my blog).

Instead of golfing, we walked to the 9 Dragon Water Fall which is near the base of the Huangshan Mountain Park. From there we took the same 70 minute bus ride back to Huangshan to the hotel where we are now. We had dinner and then our son Will took a cab to the train station to return back to Yangzhou. 

He will be returning to Toronto in July for a month or so and then he will return back to the school for a second year of teaching.


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