Day 17 May 30 Friday Yangtze River Cruise (B/L/D)



  • Today the cruiser will sail into the Qutang Gorge and Wu Gorge. Although Qutang Gorge is the smallest among the Three Gorges, it is actually the most powerful one and the water here flows most rapidly at this spot. The Wu Gorge boasts the most immediately beautiful and spectacular scenery of the Three Gorges. Flanking the river is a series of green mountains with precipices and peaks where the water zigzags forward and gives way to some attractive scenery. 
  • Transfer to smaller boats to see the Shennongxi Stream. 
  • Then the cruiser will pass Badong, Zigui, and sail into the Xiling Gorge, which is renowned for being extremely perilous and is the longest one of the Three Gorges. The water is full of turbulent currents and whirlpools and dangerous shoals. 
  • The cruiser will pass the ship-lock of the Three Gorges Dam, and arrive at Sandouping in the evening.
  • Overnight: Victoria Serial-Katarina



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