Salsa on St. Claire Street festival, Toronto

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Linda and I joined some friends at the Salsa Festival.

Wikipedia offers the following:

Salsa (music)
is a diverse and predominantly Spanish Caribbean genre that is popular across Latin America and among Latinos abroad. Salsa incorporates multiple styles and variations; the term can be used to describe most any form of popular Cuban-derived genre, such as chachachá and mambo.

Salsa (dance)
refers to a fusion of informal dance styles having roots in the Caribbean (especially in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the United States), Latin and North America.

Salsa (sauce)
In Spanish or Italian, salsa can refer to any type of sauce, but in American English it usually refers to the spicy, often tomato or corn based hot sauces typical of Mexican cuisine, particularly those used as dips, whereas in British English it more typically refers to Salsa Cruda which is common in Spanish or Italian cuisine.

There were certainly bands (several of them) to provide the music, and people dancing but most of all there was food.

Today I carried only my iPhone so all the photos taken are with its built-in camera. Pretty grainy but on the other hand, it tags all the pictures with the location using its built-in GPS.
Salsa on St. Claire Street festival, Toronto
One of several bands playing on the street



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