Month March 2009

The long wait

Yesterday, Linda and I went out for lunch. I was hungry and no matter how quick the service in that context it seemed slow. But this wasn’t the first or last of the the day’s waits. It started off when…


It’s a little softer and under certain circumstances there is a bit of a red or green fringe. I got hold of a 2 times teleconverter that boosts my Canon lens to about 800mm equivalent.


I’m trying to find simpler compositions. It’s not that every shot will be such; but some more will be.

Dual Purpose

The macro lens I received yesterday actually comes in two parts: the lens proper and an extender element. The extender has no glass; it’s only purpose is to move the lens away from the sensor. Without the matching Macro Lens…

I have to stop

Another new lens, but this is the last one [for a while]: a Konica Macro-Hexanon AR 55mm f Purchased on eBay it includes the lens, an extender, all caps and a case. A couple of Orchid shots.  Both shots at…