Month August 2009

Gone Golfing

This weekend is our annual Golf with the Girls event. I get to go because they need someone to drive. This year we’ll be playing Rattlesnake, Thundering Waters and Loch Ness Links. I cover the trip in the following entries:

@400mm #2

I took this shot in Phyllis Rawlinson Park, in Richmond Hill. I was about 3-4 meters from the flower, which is about as close as I can get to any subject with this lens.

@400mm #1

When testing a lens one of the things to do is to test the lens focusing on a subject at infinity. Next best thing is the moon. panasonic G1, Canon FD 400mm, f

Dragon Fly

I found a Dragon Fly on the walkway. Fairly large, 9 cm head-to-tail and a 12 cm wingspan. The wings are the prettiest part: The front view reminds me of Starship Troop: In any case, I’ve been looking for insect…