Food: Ubre Rebozada, Cuy Chactado, and Camarones al Ajo


We ate very well in Peru.  As usual, I didn’t drink the water preferring bottled water, beer, wine or fruit juices con leche (with milk).  The happiest surprise of the whole trip was that even though we ate well we gained no weight. I’m not sure if that’s because we balanced exercise or whether the food is less fatty.   

As one might expect, the coastal cities offer seafoods, while inland, meats become prevalent.  Ceviche is available largely in the coastal cities. Alfresco restaurant in Lima is said to have the best in that city. Alfresco is good; we went there twice.  Once for lunch, and ceviche, and once for dinner.

WikiTravel says:
This city [Arequipa] is the best place in Peru to eat river shrimps. They are presented in several ways, being the most popular Chupe de Camarones, a thick soup very flavored and presented with many shrimps in it.

At the restaurant Sol de Mayo in Arequipa I enjoyed a meal of Camarones al Ajo [river shrimps] and a taste of Ubre Rebozada, and Cuy Chactado.  

In the Colca Canyon I had alpaca steak.  A little dry, but prepared more to my liking at the Sanctuary Lodge at Machupicchu.

Many hotels will offer you a Pisco Sour on arrival. This, apparently,  is Peru’s national drink.  I tried my first Peruvian wine on the train to Machupicchu; very good.  I preferred Cusquena beer over the Crystal brand.  The range of fruit juices is wide and exotic; all were good, banana con leche was special.  Peruvian coffee tends to be dark and thick.  Coca tea is like any green tea you’d get in a restaurant. Drinking lots of it can really stimulate you, but differently than caffein.

Octopus at Afresco Restaurant, Lima

Scallops au Gratin at La Hacienda Bahia Paracas

Peruvian Wine (although this one wasn’t that great) Alpaca Steak at the Sanctuary Lodge, Machupicchu Water, Pisco Sour and Beer served on the train between Cusco and Machupicchu

Banana Juice con Leche

Menu for brunch on the train to Machupicchu Coca Tea offered in the lobby of most hotels Inca Cola, tastes like cream soda.

Lots of fruit available in local markets


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