Year 2010


One of my favourite shots of the vacation was this one shot on our last morning. As noted in a previous post it was a windy day; so windy in fact that it was difficult to stand still. A tripod…

Stormy Sunrise

Throughout our last night in Nassau the winds were up and continued well into the day.  This was the day that the whole east coast was marred by snow storms and high winds.  I got up early to take some…


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Time permitted only one visit to Harold and Wilson Park.  These wetlands are located south of the city centre, near the centre of New Providence island.

Rough Seas

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The boat ride over to Exuma was uneventful.  The return trip was through 6-8 foot swells.  It’s quite something to see a 45 foot boat out of the water.   Hard to catch the shot as well.

I Wanna Iguana

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While at Exuma we ferried over to Leaf Cay to see the Iguana.  A curious little beast.  They seem to like grapes.