TUP: Toronto Urban Photography Workshop


I spent Friday through Sunday at a workshop hosted by Chris Marquardt.  No question about the value; there was a lot to learn. In some respects the biggest learning: I’ve got a lot to learn.  Sort of depressing, on the one hand, but I was given some tools and that is encouraging.

The workshop was held in a location near the corner of Church and Dundas. The above photograph was taken from the roof top of the condominium at that location where the workshop was held.

1-702929581, @VA 1-799-102 (2010 Published), Aerial Photography, Architecture, Building, City, City Aerial, Cityscape, Content, Event, Event - Workshop, Image type, Outdoor, Photography, Place, Skyscraper, TUP Workshop (TFTTF), Unsaturated, VA0001799102, Workshop


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