Month January 2011

The Flatiron Build

The Gooderham Building, the 5-story triangular building in the centre of photograph, is commonly referred to as the Flatiron Building [1].  It was the former office of the Gooderham and Worts Distillery Company. William Gooderham, successful in the Distillery business,…

St. Lawrence Market

We were downtown yesterday, completing some preparations for our up-coming vacation so while in the neighbourhood we stopped off at the St. Lawrence Market. Leica M9, Leica Summicron-M 50mm f/2, ISO 250, f, 1/90 sec I have not been there…

Going Home

@VA 1-799-100 (2011 Published), Adult, Age, Beard, Content, Eyes Closed , Face, Favourite, Favourite-30, Favourite-All Time, Frontal Face, Gender, Hertha William II, Image type, Locale, MFA-Database-People, MFA-DocMedia, Male, Number of Faces, One Face, People, Person, Portrait-1, Projects, School, Smile, Urban

After last weekend’s show, on our way home from the Toronto Convention Centre. Leica M9, Voightlander Nokton 50mm f, ISO 400, F, 1/90 sec

In Concert

@VA 1-799-100 (2011 Published), @book-2015 Toronto Photography, @exportLFIgallery, Activity, Dark, Event, Event - Entertainment, Favourite, Favourite-30, Favourite-All Time, Gymnastics, Image type, People, Performing Arts, Person, Photography, Sports

Carolyn has returned to her gymnastics, Aesthetic Gymnastics to be precise, and last night she was in performance in front of a capacity crowd at the John Basset Theatre in the Toronto Metro Convention Centre.   They had a good…