Month July 2012


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While driving north to Lijiang we stopped on Lake Erhai to see fishermen apply their traditional techniques to catch fish: cormorants. Fishing is a team effort: the woman (wife) rows the boat, while the man (husband) manages the birds, releasing them…

Dali, Enroute to Lijiang

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Lijiang was our next stop after Kunming, however the closest airport was in Dali.  Dali is located on Lake Erhai, south of Lijiang.  Our first stop was in the old town of Dali.  


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Near our hotel in Kunming was a little market. In the little market were many little stores. Among these was a flute (and other little trinkets) store.


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As with our previous trips to China we have hired guides and drivers to take us through the main part of our trip.  The reasons are partly a hang over from many years ago when travel in China was more…

West Hill

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Unlike many of the areas we visited, West Hill was relatively quiet and free from the mobs of tourists.   The trails are closer to the top of the mountain. We reached them by bus and chairlift.  From the departure…