Month November 2012

Market of Barcelos

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Near Braga is the town of Barcelos, well-known for its market.  Our guide said this was one of the older markets in the area.  He noted that malls were coming into play and were attracting many of the young people;…

Sunday Cafe

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We walked by a little cafe with patrons chatting or reading.  


It is the time of year when the chestnuts are in season.  Walking by any one of these trees one will see the husks of fallen nuts covering the ground beneath.  On many streets and in the markets one see…

Braga First Day

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After we arrived, we dropped our luggage in our room and walked around the city.  The hotel was located in the old town, within the city walls.  This area is largely a walking zone of cobblestone streets and passageways.  The…