Month January 2014


The video I published in December, aptly named Ice, has become the subject of copyright disputes.  In question is the background music.   As I understand it, when content is submitted to YouTube an automated process–a robot–is activated to assess…

Bread and Water

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Earlier I reported the arrival of a bread maker.  To this point I have tried a number of recipes but I think the consensus of opinion among our family on which is the favourite is this light rye.   A…

The Store-Provided Plastic Bag

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The time has come to discard the hoard kept-under-the-counter-in-the-kitchen of plastic bags.  Having them offered some sense of comfort.  Always a place to put something.  Once with so many uses now whittled away to none, they can no longer be…


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I arrive in the dark.  I leave in the same. 100 meters from car to door. The cold is biting and brittle. Windchill.  It is relentless.  Glasses fog on entry.