Month November 2014

Site Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my site.  Like underwear, it’s a good thing to change every so often. I’m keeping the foundational template known as Atelier as it offers a clean and simple framework which is consistent with my over…

42 Days

As I begin to look forward to the coming days and months I have found myself reflecting back on how I got here, these final steps to retirement. This path started many years ago initially by starting a savings plan.…


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I’ve been working on a number of projects including: preparing my travel books (i.e., in hardcover print and eBook formats) covering our recent trip to Europe; a review of material on sacred architecture, specifically of catholic churches; preparation for our…

North Sea Passage

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We followed the edge as defined by the barbed wire fence and we reached a passage to the beach and then the sea.