Month April 2015


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It’s the annual coming of the Magnolia.  It’s coming out; not as late as last year, but slightly later than average.  


John Cleese talks for 36 minutes on creativity, and how to be creative.   My notes:

LR6: How I Processed 20,000 Faces

Lightroom 6 offers face detection technology.  What this means, in the ideal case, is that Lightroom can detect and then suggest the names of people in photographs.  When a name is confirmed it is added as a keyword to the photograph.  …

LR 6: First Impressions

Today I’ve been trying out the new face recognition capabilities in Lightroom 6.  As you can see from the above example, there can be a lot of faces to plough through. I’ve been running through the library for about 24…

LR 6: First Impressions

There are several new features introduced with Lightroom 6 (LR6).  Two that interested me the most were the HDR and Panorama capabilities.  In Lightroom 5, I use plug-ins to enable these capabilities (Nik Software and Photoshop Elements respectively).   Some…