Month March 2016

Snapshots from Curaçao #2

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If you do a search on Flickr for Willemstad Curacao hundreds of shots looking like the one below or similar will pop up: Many photographers — including myself — have the urge to get the iconic shot; a unique shot of…

Snapshots from Curaçao #1

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As the cool weather drags on, delaying the date when we can sit out on the patio, I fondly remember sitting by the pool. We spent many hours by the pool.


In January we flew south to Curaçao to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I’ve packaged some of the shots into the video below.


We were at a funeral yesterday.  After the service there was a lunch; a celebration.  The death of someone “young” — whatever that boundary is … under 50? — is a tragedy; of someone old — over 80? — is…

November, a Poem by Thomas Hood

I recently published a photo essay complementing the poem November. <br /> Much is made about the meaning conveyed in a single photograph. However, the essay can provide a more complete story; it can provide a context; a 360 view.