Month September 2016

Jurassic Park

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The whole sense of this place, Western Brook Pond, left me with a sense of prehistoric times.  It was fortunate that the day was cloudy and foggy, as that added to the mystery.   However, to capture the sense that…


I took this shot because I liked the reflection in the bay, and the colour of the building.

Shed and Wharf

@VAu 1-250-108 (2016 Mau-Jul unpublished), @book-2016-Newfoundland-Art Edition, @book-2016-Newfoundland-Personal Edition, Building, Canada, Content, Event, Event - Travel, Fishing Hut, Image type, Lake, Maritimes, Nature, Newfoundland, Other, Places, Seascape, Thing, Travel, Water, Waters

The light again warmed up this shot of a shed and seemed to bring out the texture and detail in the rock.  The colour of the shed complemented the scene. The ripples in the water exposed interesting reflections of the…

First Day of School

50 years ago today my brother and I returned to school after the summer break.  For my brother, it was his first day at a new school; for me, it was the beginning of my third year.  So early, on drizzly…

Warm Rocks

@VAu 1-250-108 (2016 Mau-Jul unpublished), @book-2016-Newfoundland-Art Edition, @book-2016-Newfoundland-Personal Edition, Canada, Cliff, Content, Event, Event - Travel, Image type, Maritimes, Nature, Newfoundland, Places, Seascape, Travel

Again it was the light that caught my attention for this shot; that signalled it was time to shoot.  It brought out the character, colour and detail of the rock.