The Cruise Begins

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The Ship departed at around 4:00 PM.  We had boarded a couple hours earlier, found our cabin, and then made our way to the Lido deck for a light lunch.  We sat by the pool.  It was a pleasant sunny day in Fort Lauderdale; not too hot nor cold. It wasn’t long before the calm tranquil waters of Port Everglades were behind us and all that there was to see was the sea.  

While this open sea, where no land was in sight, may have been just 50 km off the coast of Florida, it was the furthest I had ever been out into this vast empty space. The change in the sea was dramatic.  

I had thought that a cruise would be a boring affair: shuffle board at 10:00 AM along deck 4; pleasant formal dinners with other guests and may be the Capitan; interesting Buckley-esque conversations about the Trump Phenomenon; periodic trips ashore;  the gentle motion of the ship rocking me to sleep each night. Yet this was all some romantic conjecture; in reality the high seas made it feel like every stomach-turning ride one might expect to experience on a midway! Every day … for 24 hours.


A Cruise ship carrying more than 6,000 passengers and crew was limping its way back to Florida,USA Monday after being tossed around by an Atlantic storm packing winds of 150 mph

Just a note about the video. In it you will see some scenes of over turned furniture etc. While one might conclude that this was damage resulting from the rough seas, it was in fact a result of several riots by bleeding-heart passengers begging the Captain to return to port.  Fortunately he did not agree and felt it was incumbent upon him to deliver the service which each passenger had contracted through the purchase of their ticket.  Man up!


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