It Can’t End Too Soon

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Disclaimer: I’m a baby boomer

The August 22-29 edition of Maclean’s Magazine included the article Blame the Boomers for this too? — How the protest generation of the ’60 left behind division, violence … and Trump and Clinton.

It suggests, for all their ideals and promise, the legacy of the Boomer Generation is, at best, mixed. Observing the United States: social policies are difficult to implement or under attack, if they get off the ground; politics is extremely divisive and; voters appear to be locked into their parties regardless of the candidate. Each of these points seem contrary to the principles espoused in the ’60s of co-operation, love and peace …

Canada however, has turned out to be a little more progressive: more socially conscious; less divisive; more swing-voters in elections.  On many counts, a Canadian would say, things are better off here. Given recent reports about vast migrations to Canada, if Trump is elected, apparently some Americans feel the same way.

I’m sure there are many explanations for the differences in the circumstances of these two countries.  I will simply note that Canada has had but one Baby-Boomer Prime Minister (Stephen Harper); the United States is going to elect their fourth. 

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.


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