Book Project: #4 Objectives


The priority of this Work is to learn from the experience of doing; it is less about the content, storyline or novelty of the book itself.  To help maintain that focus, and avoid going off track, I have developed a set objectives: 

1. Apply Key Theories:

  • A book is to be seen in totality, as a single experience; not as individual elements (photographs)
  • Employ the different types of organizational structures: groups; series; sequences
  • Employ compound structuring techniques: interspersed (structures); multiple exposures; split formatting; layering

2. Composition and Movement Techniques:

  • Investigate the use of transparencies (e.g., for layering) and horizontally-cut pages (e.g., a page cut in half) to facilitate the expression of horizontal and vertical movement in the book; to enable multiple different paths through the content thus exposing different interpretations
  • Investigate the use of techniques (e.g., transparencies) to re-arrange words and word fragments generating different messages
  • Investigate the different picture relationship models: by format construction; by context of language; by levels of meaning; by point of view; by influence of environment
  • Investigate techniques to compound pictures: collage; multiple exposure; grid, etc.

3. Display Techniques:

  • Investigate the use of “Large format” displays
  • Investigate the use of two-sided pages; single binding; 

4. Time / Pace Techniques:

  • Investigate the techniques to “reveal” content
  • Investigate the use of time: imposed from without; in-structure

5. Abstraction / Conceptualization Techniques:

  • Investigate the use of Omission 
  • Investigate the use of composition and movement techniques to expose primary and secondary messages;

6. A Manageable Scope:

  • The topic should be sufficiently interesting to allow exercising the concepts and theory
  • The topic needs to be doable; photographical

7. Process

  • I want to see how much can be planned in advance and what needs to be done on the fly. I am specifically interested in the amount of advanced planning of the photography is possible or understanding what can be planned vs. that which needs to be “done in the field.”


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