Book Project: #7 My Approach, Iteration #1


I’ve modelled my approach — process — on the one used by Frank.  There are a couple points to put forward upfront:

  • This is a starting point; I expect to iterate through the process definition several times before I come to the end of the project
  • As I prepare the process, I am starting to see that in completing this definition, one of my objectives — how much can one do in advance — will be answered here.


  • Topic area defined (the impact of Globalization on local cultures)
  • General idea of themes. Will narrow to make scope manageable
  • Consider how to represent culture through photography
    • Look to find the physical manifestation of cultures: signs; food; architecture; religious buildings; family;
  • Explore metaphors that could bind themes
    • The highway: as a metaphor for the connection between the global community and local
    • The city: as a metaphor for a local manifestation of the global community
  • An initial cut of symbols.
    • Food: corresponds to culture; each culture has its own cuisine 
    • Language: distinguishes heritage (culture)
    • Buildings


  • Take pictures that express the symbols and thus the themes.
  • Iterate through until things jell. 
  • Organize in Lightroom: tag images by theme; message; symbol


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