Book Project: #8 Theme, Working Model #2


Four things has caused me to explore an alternative working model and test it against the learnings:

  • Feedback from my faculty advisor to include a theme on how different cultures perceive things.  This notion — both valid and interesting — does not easily fit into my existing working model.
  • Readings from Charles Taylor has reminded me there is a fairly wide range of abstract ideas associated with the topic, not just perception.  
  • My experience so far in taking pictures suggests that having a looser specification  — one more open to the meaning objective — would be more practical. For example, having a photographic objective of taking a church, while helpful in that it is focused and can be determined clearly whether it was accomplished or not, is disconnected from the objective — the meaning to be captured — and thus precludes alternatives / opportunities that emerge in the field.
  • Finally, I’m coming to recognise that this change in culture (due to globalization) isn’t really all that new. It’s been going on throughout history and quite possibly and essential part of our development.  So, I’m not sure if I need to rejig the question.

I will explore an alternative working model to see if: [1] it can help me resolve the issues I currently face [2] allows me to move forward, further than the initial draft.  

In contrast to the initial draft, here exploration starts from a more abstract stance.  My initial feeling is that this might offer more flexibility on the photography as the symbolic approach forces specific things to be photographed; an abstract target however is less rigid (of course, I’m rationalising here.)  

My feeling at this point is that to explore all these dimensions will be too much (volume and complexity) for the Project; a subset of these should be adequate. So my next steps will be to pick the low-hanging fruit and see how far I can get with that.  


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