Book Project: #10 It’s Getting Complicated


I was reading an article by Melanie Friend: Representing Immigration Detainees: The Juxtaposition of Image and Sound in Border Country published in Forum: Qualitative Social Research, Vol. 11 No.2 Art. 33, May 2010 and I was struck by how she was able to simplify a complex issue into a form both simple in concept and impactful in emotion and meaning.   It caused me to reflect on my approach: is it too complex? Am I going overboard modelling on Frank’s work? He was an expert … 

I’ve started a process of reflection to bring into focus the key issue and — thus will come — message.

Friend, who was preparing a Work to document torture survivors in Kosovo, faced the question how do you photograph that which cannot be photographed? Her solution resulted in a multi-media presentation of photography and voice.  The voice — even if the language was not understood — conveyed the horror of the torture; the photography portrayed scenes of the home: a living room; a garden; etc. all very placid, quite banal.  However, the force of the message was conveyed in the juxtaposition of the terror and banal; that something so horrible could happen in the safety of ones home.   


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