Book Project: #15 Personal Style and Approach


Our class gathers each week to critique each other’s work as it progresses.  Sort of a socratic approach to learning. The approaches vary quite widely. My approach is purposely systematic: I have a fairly clear sense of the steps I’ll go through, although I recognise that iteration is an important feature of the process. I am particularly conscious about decision-making, choosing to defer some until absolutely necessary, while others I’m willing to make, subject to change, just to move forward. All this reflects the many years I spent in enterprise architecture.  

On the contrary, those who have not spent years in the solitary confinement of enterprise architecture, are taking a different approach.  While I have focused on process and the narrative, many put more emphasis on the art, preparing truly creative pieces. In these cases the narrative appears less visible; more illusive.  This is neither good nor bad; the question is one of intent. The resulting ambiguity raises doubt of intent in the viewer’s mind raising questions that in turn add power and interest to the work.  For me, the narrative exposed in the series, is my objective: I want to see how strong a narrative can be portrayed through images.  But I’ll keep ambiguity in mind.


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