Book Project: #22 Book Reviews


As suggested in earlier posts, I have gone through the evolving work several times with peers, faculty and most recently a visiting artist (Enrique Colina).  The context of these discussions is important as it places certain limitations on the reviewers that I need to take into consideration. First, we are often looking at the book in a presentation (on screen) format, not as a physical book.  Second, the time is limited, making it difficult for people to comprehend and fully internalize the material.  So with that in mind, I take comments on specific points with some caution and assess points in terms of what is meant or inferred. But broadly:

  • I’m interested in what people say; the questions and points they raise.  
  • Opinions offered.  In some cases there have been different and even contradictory opinions.  
  • Points that are misunderstood or those that are understood.  
  • How deep the interpretation gets; they see the plot, but which subplots do the get to?
  • Observations that point to issues or concerns I have with the material

I was surprised to hear in one presentation that someone got the title’s connection to Four Weddings and a Funeral.  So maybe it’s not too far fetched.


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