I have returned to scanning.  I have a pile of old photographs that I want to scan, some simply to archive the physical copy, and others for my project work.  

In going through the photographs, I noted a couple of things.  First, when I contacted relatives to see if they had any photos they, more often than expected, sent me images I already had.  There were different ones of course, but I was surprise how many were duplicates.  I suspect it had to do with the times; a photograph taken (say 60-80 years ago) was subsequently sent around to every one.

The second thing I noticed was in the details. I was looking at my graduation picture. 

Event, Event - Life, Graduate, Hertha William II, People
              1979 – Taken at home in our living room

The first thing I noticed was the vase on the coffee table.  We still have it; it’s now on our coffee table in the living room.  Behind that, standing on the side table, is a picture of my brother and I.  I still have that photograph as well. I recently scanned it.  I then noticed that I still have the tie I was wearing.  I continue hope it will come back into style. 

These observations brought to mind how some things persist; others don’t.  Remnants of the past  offer a chance to recall the memory of some past event.  Each little piece has a bunch of memories associated with it.  


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