Dinner Preparations


I’ve been moving forward with my documentary work. I’m working towards a multi-media installation.  One of the video components of the installation will be a film of a dinner. I remain impressed on how it is possible to make the simple act of eating into a complex logistical and technical challenge. This is due in part because of the performance aspect of the component that result in logistical challenges and the aesthetic choices that present technical challenges to achieve. All in the name of having a purpose.

Testing the camera mount:  Fortunately the camera is remotely controllable through my iPhone so I can quickly see that everything is work ok.  

The performance element requires the involvement and then the co-ordinated actions of 6 people to prepare and serve a meal in a specific order.  The aesthetic objectives require positioning the camera above the table to have a top-down view.  

Co-ordinating the people and meal preparation has resulted in me developing a project plan.  The resource constraints turn out to be the stove-top elements.  Additionally,  I have sent out reading material to each of the participants providing a theoretical context to the event.  I think I’ll quiz them before the show starts.

Circles are important to the work, so the table needed to be circular.  We don’t have a circular table; so my son and I built one.  Well, we built the table top which rests on top of the frame of our rectangular dinner table.  Linda bought the plywood and hinges to make the top. Turns out she likes the results, so we may just keep it.  

The final technical challenge is mounting the camera above the table. I have found a way to do this by attaching the equipment to the existing light fixture.  Trial runs have given me confidence this will work.  Prior to this breakthrough, I expect to have to remove the light fixture and install some sort of mount, leaving a permanent record through holes in the ceiling.  


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