Month: December 2019

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    With age, it is hoped, comes wisdom; what ever that is. Mental powers seem, for me, to progress in some areas, and regress in others. When facing a question, my accumulated base of life experience…

  • Climate Change: For the Birds

    Climate Change: For the Birds

    Few birds visit our backyard this time of year. But, it is December and we have no feeder. It does, however, offer a sense of what the world would be like without birds. Having lived…

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    Censorship, Good Taste or Practicality

    It is a question sometimes faced by artworks: is this a work of art or simply in bad taste, or pornographic, and without value? By cutting Trump for commercial reasons (ironically to make room for…

  • Light and Tradition
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    Light and Tradition

    After six months of days, each with diminished light over the previous, it is reasonable to make a connection between the events we celebrate now and the turn around towards days with increasing light (whether…