Analyzing vs Experiencing the Dreamscape


My current project is an exploration into travel that I intend here requires understanding a bit more digging. Again, drawing upon the work Qualitative Research in Tourism : Ontologies, Epistemologies and Methodologies, edited by Lisa Goodson, and Jenny Phillimore, several questions come to mind.

Those related to context (place) and the offerings (hosts):

  • What does it entail being a member of a culture
  • What is attractive to a tourist about a place, it’s identities
  • What is significant in a local society or place
  • What are the superficialities vs. the deeper meanings of a place? The marketing vs. reality? The misunderstood vs. the actual?
  • What is the difference between the locals and their neighbours in place and time?

Those that ask about the impact on the hosts and place:

  • How has tourism objectified / colonialised a place? A tourist’s projection on to the place; its “othering”
  • How has tourism disempowered the local? What is the tension between the different world views (of the tourist and the local)?
  • How has the local culture changed (changes in practicing traditions) in response to tourism?
  • How has the local cultural evolved to reposition themselves into the imagery of tourism?
  • How has the industry and its practices (processes) shaped destinations?

These are general questions that I intend to test against the different travel styles, recognising their relevance might vary.


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