Exclamation Points!


I enjoy using exclamation points! They are the ancestor of the emoticon that in the past allowed an author to include an emotional dimension to a text ๐Ÿ™‚ They can conveniently communicate delight, with a single stroke available on every keyboard! They are also additive, to represent stronger emotions!!

But, like their evolutionary outcome, they can be over used!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

And so it was, as I imported the images from my SD-Card, that all these little exclamation points appeared. How exciting! But wait โ€ฆ what does it really mean!!

It meant my images were corrupted!!! I nearly fainted. I looked through the import and found every file was corrupted! gasp!!!! I feared I had lost all the shots from the event. My mind racing, I thought about the disappointment the organizers would feel. I shuddered.

I loaded the card from my second camera, and pressed import, closed my eyes and hoped โ€ฆ more exclamation points!! relief!!!!!!

It meant that the problem was with the reader, not the cards, so I tested the theory by switching to an alternate reader and to my relief the files were read correctly!

I was happy, and delighted!!

A poor use of the exclamation point? I guess itโ€™s used on road signs to communicate caution. How flexible is that!


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