Starry Night


We stood on the edge of the river Rh么ne near where Van Gogh painted Starry Night just about 130 years ago. Van Go painted another Starry Night in St. Remy-de-Provence, which about 30 km away. His painting of Le Caf茅 la Nuit also had a lot of stars in it.  I think Van Goof liked stars.

Rh么ne, Arles, France

The location where we stood is on the Van Gogh walking tour,  City Stroll #4.  Between each of the 10 sites are markers embedded in the pavement showing the way to the next site.  During the day crowds funnel along these marked sidewalks and then congregate at each site making it very difficult to gaze upon the glory. But before 9:00AM and after 6PM, or so, things are quite. The city has a different feel during these tourist hours. The compression of people seems to increase the sense of motion, thickening the tension. 


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