In our suburban environment we infrequently touch the soil beneath us. More often than not there is a layer of concrete, asphalt or some other material buffer. We spend much of our time inside air-conditioned houses, offices and cars that insulate us from the weather and air around us. The last time I touched soil was to remove it from a bag to pot a house plant.

The number of insects that have invaded our home in the last year can be counted on one hand. It’s very different than 50 years ago when the buzz of insects formed a part of the background soundscape. To see flies in the coral cabin brought back all these memories, reminding me of what has changed; reminding me of how insulated we have become from our earth, wind and wild life.

A lone fly trying to escape, ironically prevented from doing so by the barrier intended to keep it out.
The newspaper-based flyswatter, a legacy technology used to kill insects.
A fallen fly.


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