I was riding my bicycle through Cobb’s Arm and I saw fellow cutting wood that he would subsequently store in his woodshed, and later, during the winter, use to heat his home. As I passed by he looked up and waved. I stopped my bike, got off and introduced myself. He asked where I was from and I replied that I live just outside of Toronto. Then he asked where I was staying, and I said I was staying in the Coral Cabin on Roger’s Cove, which is just a couple kilometres away. He paused for a moment and thought, “ah yes, the house Alvin was working on!” I confirmed his reply. I wasn’t really surprised that he knew the cabin, as it was the only one of that colour in the area, however, I noticed that he knew that the cabin had undergone renovations and who had done the work. I had a similar experience with another couple in Toogood’s Arm, which is about 7 kilometres away.

I came to realise how much people are aware of what’s going on in a small community. This came to mind when I looked at the locks on the door of the cabin. They were not for security, but simply to keep the door closed in the event of wind. Yet, for what ever reason there were two locks. For the first week, being city people, we applied both. After that we realised both were not necessary.

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