The Playground


A little further down the road from “The Tank”, in Toogood Arm, is a playground. It looks as it has not been used for years. I observed that most of the people in these smaller villages are beyond middle age; I saw only a few children. Most of the people I spoke with told me their children had moved away. The state of the playground corroborates this point. I saw other playgrounds and tennis courts in a similar state. The only one that seemed to be maintained was in Twillingate. I drove by it several times, but never saw anyone playing in it.

2019-02 Manufactured-Dreamscapes, 2019-Newfoundland-Residency, BW, Bronica SQ-A, Camera, Equipment, Film, Film Type, Kodak TMX-100, Newfoundland-Keywords, Newfoundland-Residency, Playground, Projects


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