Challenges of Film


Through our stay in Newfoundland I used both digital and film cameras. The most recent series of black & white shots were taken with my medium format film camera. I have mixed feeling about film. The process of using film has more points of failure than does a digital camera (I refer to the process to avoid including in the comparison the reliability of a film camera vs. a digital camera, as the complexity of the latter opens it up to more points of failure). Yet, there is a difference in the images produced due to both the nature of film and that I use a medium format.

And then there are the unintentional outcomes, that have interesting consequences. In the example below, I reached the end of the roll of film and as a result the bottom part of the image was cut off.

2019-02 Manufactured-Dreamscapes, 2019-Newfoundland-Residency, BW, Bronica SQ-A, Camera, Dirt Trail, Equipment, Film, Film Type, Newfoundland-Keywords, Newfoundland-Residency, Paths, Projects, Rollie Retro 400s


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