Month March 2020

The Abyss

2020-03 The COVID-19 Project, Architecture, Building, COVID-Home, Content, Projects

As we lean over the precipice of despair and gaze into the abyss of armageddon, there is comfort in knowing that stability remains through the continued delivery of the basic services: water, electricity, heat, … and garbage collection.

Architecture #1

The [modern] architecture in the UAE often expresses extremes, in size, style, grandeur, and opulence. While the characteristics of many individual buildings are superlative, the shear number of such examples can become overwhelming. Contrasting the style of today’s buildings with…

Three Paths Forward

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The question raised about whether or not shelter-in-place controls can be lifted by Easter has had me think about that possibility, and specifically what the path to get there might look like.   It’s fine to raise such possibilities, if…

Dubai: Cities #1

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Dubai is segregated into separate areas, not unlike Toronto which has a financial district, the theatre district, China town, etc. We were staying with friends who live on / in The Palm Jumeirah, which is adjacent to Dubai Internet City.