Costa Rica

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Arenal Lagoon⁩, ⁨San Carlos⁩, ⁨Alajuela⁩, ⁨Costa Rica⁩

Our recent trip to Costa Rica is the latest in a series that make up my project on tourism:

On this trip, we joined a 7-day bus tour, starting in San Jose, followed by Arenal and Monteverde, returning to San Jose. Organized tours are a different form of travel than we are used to. Yet, what might be lost in flexibility, is compensated with a reduction in stress with planning and co-ordinating.

The theme of the tour tended towards nature, as evidenced by the excursions: a river tour, a canopy hike, and a hike through a rain forest. However, that did not preclude a tour of San Jose that included stopping off at the Gold Museum, the Central Market, and the National Theatre. Reviewing my photographs from this short trip I found they fell into the following categories:

  • Nature
  • Markets
  • Touring

I found the Costa Rican art very interesting; there is a distinctive Central-South American feel to it, something that is quite different than what I see in Canadian and US art. I think in part the works that caught my attention had a political vein to them. For me, these works were able to portray a sense of repression, and the resistance to it, that came from authoritarian governments of the past. They were affective.


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