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The COVID-19 experience is about several things. One of them is leadership.

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To confront the inequalities and reshape our social narratives requires the will of the people to force movement, to push forward the change, and to persist over the long term.

To make any change effective requires leadership to find the consensus, the balance among the competing views and demands of a complex society.  Leadership is about developing and maintaining connections and ensuring proper and equitable balance in the distribution of wealth, power, justice, and welfare across them. It is about changing the social narratives or making them attainable by all.

Of the G7 nations, the national leadership of the US presents the greatest failure to respond to the pandemic and willingness to confront the injustices that have surfaced. With an administration that has delegated all responsibilities to the states and cities one can rightly ask what purpose do they serve? What role do they play? Who needs them?



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