Month February 2021


This morning I heard a robin. Encouraging.

Fruits and Vegetables

2020-12 Rainbow Plate, Assignment, Commissions, Content, Food, Fruit, Projects, Thing, Tomato, Vegetable

As noted earlier [1, 2] since mid-December, I have been doing some food photography. As I said to a friend “…so mundane, yet fulfilling.” Who would have known. Not every fruit or vegetable is interesting to shoot; for some it…

8 Renditions of a Violin

2021-02 Instruments, Art, Bright, Content, Musical Instrument, Other, Photography, Projects, Sepia Tones, Violin

I started playing the violin when I was in university. The violin I used was my father’s, but before that it was my grandfather’s. There were two things that attracted my attention to this instrument. First, it was portable. Second,…