Month April 2021

Basement Archeology: In Theory

Wikipedia defines Archaeology or archeology as “… the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture.” It goes on to define Material culture as “… the aspect of social reality grounded in the objects and architecture…

Basement Archeology: Benny Goodman

I found a Benny Goodman CD that had belonged to my mother. The fact that it was a CD, rather than a vinyl LP, speaks to how some things, like music, are able to transition across technology. In its most…

Fruit Bowl

Banana, Bowl, Content, Dark, Food, Fruit, Household Item, Image type, Orange, Photography, Still life, Thing

I’m sort of mixing themes and projects here: my food series and my “Basement Archeology” work. I unpacked the bowl, which is from my mother. The fruits are fresh and from my wife.

Basement Archeology: Ashtray

2021-04-10 Basement Archeology, Ashtray, Dark, Photography, Projects, Thing

Weighing in at 848 grams, this crystal ashtray is from my mother, who in turn inherited from her father. As a child, in the 1960s, I remember buying him cigars for Christmas, each one individually packaged in an aluminum tube.…

Basement Archeology: Insignia

2021-04-10 Basement Archeology, Adult, Age, Bright, Content, Eyes Closed , Eyes Open, Face, Frontal Face, Gender, Group, Male, People, Person, Photography, Projects

After unpacking the frame of six pictures my grandmother had arranged, I found a little black jewellery box holding the insignia decorating my uncle’s uniform. In his picture, on the left below, you can see their outlines on each collar;…