Feel #2


This image was inspired by Cézanne’s still life with plaster cast of Arnor. I couldn’t find my porcelain figurine that more closely matched Cézanne’s, so I used a cherub instead. Who will know? Also, in line with Cézanne’s, I’m working on developing an affinity to apples.

The lower apple seen through the glass is distorted, while the one above appears to be floating. The third apple is on the edge of darkness. I’m pushing a little on surrealism, but not a 100% Dali (may be 3.7%, but who measures these things).

Sometimes when we look back, the past seems very different; may be surrealistic (well, some will say today is surreal … all I’ll say is that if today is the new normal, then the past must have be surreal; it’s all relative… QED).

I thought my first edition of this image was interesting, but the sharpness of the image seemed inconsistent with the dullness of my memory, so I applied some grain (image #2). Image #3 was processed in Photoshop with various layers using various effects. It creates distortions along several dimensions (e.g., colour, texture, …) and it recalls styles of art more common in past times, which as a result has the rendition complement the surreal nature of the subject. Image #4 again involves the use of layers and photoshop, but with a heavier hand.


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