Terrorist Truckers Assault the Hub of Canada’s Democracy at Queen’s Park

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Saturday, February 5th, 2022 – Toronto: Successfully breeching the Toronto Police Force’s “big fence” of police cars and event buses by disguising themselves as women, children, babies in carriages, hipsters, Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists and the infirm, burly, tattooed, yet wily, “truckers” left their vehicles behind and mounted a siege, in the shadow of the Statue of King Edward VII, on the Legislature at Queen’s Park, all in an attempt to gain Facebook and Instagram likes and to garner more contributions through crowd-funding sources from American right-wingers and Fox News Hosts. Under the banner of “Freedom”, ostensibly for all,  and through a disinformation campaign arraying a range of confusing, irrelevant and conflicting messages plastered across hand-held signs, this small rump group of people demanded an end to all vaccine mandates and to take-over of the duly elected Federal Government.  Calling on all those who could read, to “F*ck Trudeau” the protesters seemed ignorant of the fact that the mandates they were complaining about were implemented by the Provincial Government under Doug Ford. One explained the inconsistency “…But Trudeau has nicer hair”. It was sunny, but a cool -15C. A fun time was had by all.


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