Month February 2023


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Unattended curiosity is like an itch unscratched. Laziness, for me, is the reasons such itches remain unattended. Enter the “backscratcher”: the AI-Based ChatBot. It’s now so much easier to pursue one’s curiosity.

In Conversation – Conclusions

My goal was to get a sense of whether the test-to-image AI-Generation tools are able to develop coherent results. Based on the results from ChatBots, my impression is the answer is not yet. This is a conservative position. My uncertainty…

In Conversation – Context

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In a previous post I summarized some of the limitations I noted during conversations with an AI-Based “ChatBot”. Before offering my conclusions in my next post, it’s become necessary to reset the context of my study, as a result of…

800 Kelvin Degrees

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I recently published the following to Instagram: Yesterday I became one of those people who wear those massive all enclosing sunglasses, sometimes called “coverups”, that completely cover the eyes and edges, preventing any stray light from getting in. They are…